Fly Eyewear

Union Square in Tortoise - Women's prescription glasses $99

I’ve heard of the amazing designers deals from , ,, and all the rest – but I have yet to find a great site that offers incredible discounts on popular designed and styled eyewear. Glasses are nearly a permanent accessory in my wardrobe because alas, my eyes are not perfect! Except for the occasional days when I decide to wear my contacts, I have a hard time finding a pair of glasses that goes with everything; and I certainly can’t afford buying multiple pairs of glasses to go with different outfits!

Glasses are expensive – period. Designer glasses – forget about it with my college girl paycheck! I was so pleased to find out that, a site I frequent for their ‘up to 70% off select designer products and flash sales’, has now launched a similar platform site all about eyewear:¬†They have popular styles for both prescription and sunglasses – for both women and men! The best part is this: they’re only $99! And that includes your prescription lens. At any optometrists’ shop you’re easily going to spend about that just on the lens alone….not even including the frame! I am pleased to share a couple of my favorite and most desired styles from their site!

Alexander Platz - in Bark - Women's Prescription Glasses $99

Lexington Avenue - Red - women's prescrition glasses $99

Route 66 - Turquoise - Women's Prescription Sunglasses $99

P.S. They constantly are bringing in new styles – and selling out of super popular ones – so check back often for new styles! Visit them at EYEFLY.COM