Elegance Will Never Fade

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I chose to use the iconic photograph of black and white Claudia Schiffer from one of Guess’s most popular ads. This particular shot was for their 1989 campaign. The photographs stirred up a whole new side of Guess as a brand. This is when they really made the statement that Guess is SEXY. I also chose the leopard print sheer top because she was the one to originally model an original style of this top in the early 90’s. Since Guess is now celebrating 30 years, they have decided to bring back some of the most classic designs, including the sheer leopard print top that was originally donned by the likes of Claudia.

If they are bringing back some of the most iconic pieces from the brand, why not bring back the girl who changed the look of the brand in such early years? That’s right, Maurice Marciano, director of all things Guess, decided to bring back super model Claudia Schiffer for their anniversary ad campaign. What a great idea to bring back such an iconic piece of their branding and giving today’s younger generation (such as myself!) a chance to appreciate all that Claudia has been able to be in her glorious representation of Guess as a brand. Man is she gorgeous, even after 30 years go by! …Life as a supermodel I suppose! Audrey Hepburn was so spot on when she said “Elegance is the only beauty that will never fade”…especially when applied to “The Guess Girl”.

Check out this video on the new ads for the anniversary of 30 years as a brand with Claudia Schiffer bringing the sexy back into the brand all over again!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQJGghZ0QEA&w=560&h=315]

Also, here’s my favorite anniversary ad: 

First Shoot for Kate Moss’s 13-Year Old Sister

Photos by: Andrea Carter Bowman

Welcoming Lottie Moss into the fashion industry won’t be hard – she’s young, gorgeous, and has her older sister’s footsteps to follow in. The only hurdle left to cross is getting mom’s approval to fully step into the industry. After Kate Moss’s wedding earlier this year, Lottie began to be noticed much more heavily. Not only does she have the same porcelain smooth skin and fit figure as her older sister, but she also has an innocence that is simply stunning! We are excited to see what comes next for Miss Lottie Moss, the 13-year-old, soon-enough-to-be, super model.