Pretty Vintage Inspiration via StyleMint

Jackie O. knows how to wear hot pink - she wins my vote!

I’m so excited!!! Style Mint is having a giveaway of some of their most popular Tee’s – to win, all you have to do is vote for your favorite First Lady’s style. You can do so here at their Facebook page. It’s as easy as flipping through the album and commenting on your favorite picture. They will be picking random winners by choosing one commenter from each photo. Hint: comment on all of them and you increase your chances of winning!

Here’s some of the fantastic First Lady’s fashion photos you can vote for: Jackie O., Nancy Reagan, and Michelle Obama are certainly some of my favorites. Who’re you voting for?

Nancy Reagan always dressed with such class - the striped sweater with while collar peeping out make me smile!

Michelle Obama knows how to rock modern styles while still keeping it classy.

She's never looked better than she does in full color!


The way she dresses with the trends makes it so much fun to check out what she's wearing!

Fly Eyewear

Union Square in Tortoise - Women's prescription glasses $99

I’ve heard of the amazing designers deals from , ,, and all the rest – but I have yet to find a great site that offers incredible discounts on popular designed and styled eyewear. Glasses are nearly a permanent accessory in my wardrobe because alas, my eyes are not perfect! Except for the occasional days when I decide to wear my contacts, I have a hard time finding a pair of glasses that goes with everything; and I certainly can’t afford buying multiple pairs of glasses to go with different outfits!

Glasses are expensive – period. Designer glasses – forget about it with my college girl paycheck! I was so pleased to find out that, a site I frequent for their ‘up to 70% off select designer products and flash sales’, has now launched a similar platform site all about eyewear:¬†They have popular styles for both prescription and sunglasses – for both women and men! The best part is this: they’re only $99! And that includes your prescription lens. At any optometrists’ shop you’re easily going to spend about that just on the lens alone….not even including the frame! I am pleased to share a couple of my favorite and most desired styles from their site!

Alexander Platz - in Bark - Women's Prescription Glasses $99

Lexington Avenue - Red - women's prescrition glasses $99

Route 66 - Turquoise - Women's Prescription Sunglasses $99

P.S. They constantly are bringing in new styles – and selling out of super popular ones – so check back often for new styles! Visit them at EYEFLY.COM