Vintage Inspiration: Louise Dahl-Wolfe

"Twins", Photographed by Louise Dahl Wolfe, 1955

“Twins”, Photographed by Louise Dahl Wolfe, 1955

It may have been cloudy and drizzling rain last week in Los Angeles and thankfully the spring sun is warming us today, but I’m dreaming of summertime. The warmth of the sun in my hair, the glow of my tanned skin, the roar of waves crashing on the sand in constant motion, a light breeze bringing in the salted scent of the ocean…ah summer! In just a few short weeks I will be lounging on the shores of Hawai’i with my love taking in a full week of sunshine and summer dreams. I’m extremely excited as I’ve never been to Hawai’i before…let alone flew over an ocean! (I’ve only ever traveled to Mexico, Canada, and around the US.) I’m finishing up my shopping for my tropical getaway these next two weeks and have become increasingly inspired by  Louise Dahl Wolfe‘s photography.

Model: Natalie Paine; photo for Harper’s Bazaar by Louise Dahl-Wolfe; Tunisia, June 1950.

Model: Natalie Paine; photo for Harper’s Bazaar by Louise Dahl-Wolfe; Tunisia, June 1950.


Photograph by Louise Dahl-Wolfe

Photograph by Louise Dahl-Wolfe

Although the majority of her work is in black and white, she began to integrate color photography into the body of Harper’s Bazaar at a pivotal time in the fashion industry. She is noted for having a very distinct style of photographs: full focus, outdoor settings with natural light, and commonly in exotic locations. (Hawai’i inspirations justified!) Her photographs were featured in Harper’s Bazaar for two full decades (1936 to 1958) and her artistic style defined and shaped the publication’s overall tone for those years and has continued to be held as a high standard in fashion photography perfection to this day. During these two decades she contributed 86 covers well as hundreds of color and many more black-and-white images!

Natalie Paine in a Clare Potter top of ribbed wool jersey and linen shorts, photo by Louise Dahl-Wolfe for Harper’s Bazaar in Hammamet, Tunisia, June 1950

Natalie Paine in a Clare Potter top of ribbed wool jersey and linen shorts, photo by Louise Dahl-Wolfe for Harper’s Bazaar in Hammamet, Tunisia, June 1950

Her talents and hard work helped to inspire and cultivate many iconic photographers that continued to capture the ever evolving scene of fashion. She inspired the talent and works of fellow photographers, artists, and fashion personalities such as Irving Penn (so in love with his work!!!), Cecil Beaton, Carmel Snow, Diana Vreeland, Carson McCullers, and Edith Sitwell.

Photographed by Louise

Photographed by Louise Dahl-Wolfe

Can’t wait to lie on the beaches of Hawai’i soon!

xo, Kate

Ruche Bridal Collection

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Gisele Bundchen’s “Sexy Professional” Look Recreated

Alex & I at La Lumiere Fashion Show in Redding, CA for Eloquent Woman Magazine

Taking a mini-roadtrip with some of the most beautiful and hard working women I know, recreating Gisele Bundchen’s “sexy professional” look from The Devil Wears Prada, AND being named Fashion Editor of Eloquent Woman Magazine…….can you say Dream Job come true?! Ahhhhhhh I am overjoyed/ high on life/ so happy/ estatic  – no, I am blessed, honored, and grateful.

Truly, this weekend has been one of the most inspiring, uplifting, and exciting to date! Hanging out with Alex, a previous roommate of mine, a great friend, and also our Magazine Designer, was such a blast! We were able to reconnect in a way that only 10 hours in a car ride can do – haha! But really, Alex and I had a lot of fun together and I felt like I was finally getting back to being a more fun self again. To be honest, these last couple of months personally haven’t been the easiest – professionally they’ve been steady and growing…and now they’ve come to a peak of greatness! I’m happy to have this weekend be a point of turnaround for the more personal parts of myself now that professionally I have accomplished a huge goal for myself.

Spending Sunday morning doing a photoshoot for our Fall 2012 issue with Jackie & Malia in a gorgeous park and then attending Bill Johnson’s service at Bethel Church has go to be some of the most happiest moments of the whole trip. Although our stay was short and our drive was long (literally 20 hours round trip!) we accomplished so much on this trip! Not only were we in a perpetual meeting of 48 hours being constantly together in the same car and such, but we were able to creatively decide almost all of the last details of the second issue we are about to publish in June. Being together for such a long time and being able to so easily flip flop between laughing about how ridiculous we all looked when falling asleep in the car and then back to picking out the right photos for the editorial piece was really a great testament to our amount of greatness in our team.

4:30am we leave Los Angeles, we arrive at our hotel in Redding by 3:30pm and have just an hour after getting settled before we have to arrive at the venue. Within one hour our team of vagabond road trippers transformed into gorgeous fashionistas ready to represent Eloquent Woman with all that they are. I realized it only after I had looked in the mirror as I was putting on my glasses before walking out of the hotel room…with the high bun, black dress, fair complexion, and of course the glasses I had created a very Gisele Bundchen look. The Devil Wears Prada is definitely one of my favorite movies – I mean you have fantastically gorgeous Anne Hathaway, playing a hard working girl just like the rest of us, have a fairy tale dream job fall upon her – what more is there to love?!  Check out some of my favorite stills from the movie of Gisele’s look:

Gisele Bundchen in The Devil Wears Prada with Emily Blunt

Seeing my work in our 1st issue laid out on the table coupled with a poster sized Teaser for our Summer issue and postcards of the teaser was just so exciting!

Gisele working the “Sexy Professional” look!

Jackie and I getting excited for the show! “Girls in Pearls”

I think the glasses really do add the perfect amount of accessorizing.

So happy to be working closely with Shannon to build this incredible magazine!

— More photos from the show to come! Check out for more awesome fashion posts and to read our first issue of the magazine —

Pretty Little Inspirations

Feeling inspired while checking out my Pintrest boards…thought I’d share some ‘pretty little things’ with you from some of my favorite Pinners! Don’t forget to check out my boards and FOLLOW! :)

My inspiration today is: Simple, Cream-colored, & Floral.

the ever beautiful Lauren Remington Platt

love this chic modern approach to interior decorating

beautiful abstract photography - just pretty

I have got to pick up some cute fabrics like these! :D

gorgeous and so soft!

Lately, I've been super inspired by simple illustrations mostly!

So European - fresh, sweet, and spring-like. I can just smell the flowers looking at this!

What a beautiful wedding weddings always get me excited! Something simple, elegant, and quaint will do just fine.

Addicted to of these days I'm going to adopt a little guy like this and love him forever <3

What kind of inspiration are you gathering for Spring 2012?

xo Kate

What I’m Wearing: Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson Pumps: 5.5″ of sexy cutouts and color-blocking!

I most recently added these incredible platform pumps to my collection. They are by far the most adventurous shoes I now own. Yes, much more adventurous than say hiking boots (which i actually don’t own haha!)…..I mean come-on, it’d be a hell of a crazy time trying to hike a mountain in these bad boys! :P They are 5.5″ high, have a huge chunky platform, super sexy cutouts with elastic across the top in black; the platform’s aqua base is suede, the dark blue and hot pink swirled cutouts are shiny & smooth leather. Walking around in these for me is such a breeze….they have the greatest amount of minimal cushion (on the toe pad and at the heel) so it doesn’t look bulky, but it lets my soles feel comfy – not to mention I’ve had some practice in walking in 5 inch heels!

I’m completely in love with these pumps, not only for the fact that they are ultra sexy and colorful, but they instantly turn me into a giant fashion monster. Translation: “I’m only 5’5″ barefoot, when I slip these on, I suddenly am towering at 5’11”, which is definitely a new height for me!” Seriously my legs are perfectly toned and miles long, my butt gets a nice lil lift (just keeping it real – you know it happens to you too & you love it!), and I no longer have to get on my toes to kiss my 6-foot hunkin’ boyfriend. – Oh I wonder if he realllly reads my blogs….haha, we’ll find out! –

I bought my first pair of platform pumps just 6 months ago….they were GUESS leopard print & black glossy leather, peep toe 5 inch heels. Since then, I have failed to fall in love with a heel that doesn’t have a platform! Sure I see ‘regular’ high heels and I think they’re cute…I try ’em on and I just don’t get the same adrenaline rush of growing 5″ in a split second…it’s just not the same. Although platforms aren’t the most practical shoe in the world, in my opinion they are the most beautiful…and fun to wear!

Photo credits go to my good friend Heather Petrey of — Check out her incredible Fashion Blog too!! (thank you!)

Dana-Maxx & Polyvore Live

Since seeing Paula Patton on last night’s Golden Globes Awards red carpet in a daringly bright yellow gown it has inspired me to style and enter this outfit into‘s latest contest Polyvore Live:

My tribute to Dana-Maxx

This outfit makes me smile so big! It’s bright, it’s young, it’s fresh, and it’s sophisticated! I am really excited about this contest because it allows me to enter into winning a trip to New York Fashion Week! The Polyvore Live event will take place on February 13th in New York City during IMG Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Each Polyvore Live designer will have up to 10 looks from their collection modeled by top bloggers during a full-scale runway show. How cool would it be to be one of their top bloggers? Perhaps one day I will be! :D The designers showing will be: Lauren Bagliore, Vengsarkar Budhu, Sergio Guadarrama, and Dana-Maxx Pomerantz; all Fashion Institute of Technology alumni. How great of an event?! Even if I don’t win, which of course I want to with all my heart, we’ll all be able to watch the show live on webcast here: it’ll be on Monday February 13th, 6:30 PM EST.

Cheers and wish me good luck! :) xo Kate