LIVE in L.A. “California Girls” PoshParty


Photobooth time with my new L.A. Girls Poshmark friends!

My love for Poshmark is no secret…and when I found out they were hosting a Live L.A. Girls PoshParty on Thursday I had to be there! Jeff and I ventured out to Hollywood (not something we do often enough!!) and met up with the amazing team behind Poshmark and partied with the prettiest and most fashionable girls from the app! Held in the swanky Hyde Nightclub on Sunset Blvd., everyone was looking posh! I have to tell you, since joining Poshmark I have started to appreciate other girl’s fashion in a new light. If I see someone wearing a cute piece I think to myself “Oh I wonder if she’ll Poshmark that later…I would love to wear that!”


So fun to have finally met Amanada @fashionableme & Elissa @elissaemoto after befriending them in the Poshmark App!

I did just that to Elissa Emoto (shop her closet here @elissaemoto in the app). She had an amazing Jessica Simpson clutch in black lace up on her closet and when I saw it I knew it’d be the perfect accessory to my outfit for the evening. Being the amazingly sweet girl she is, she hand delivered it to me at the party! We had started following each other on Poshmark a couple weeks ago and as time went on and we started talking more we realized we had a lot in common! We’re both bloggers, have similar taste in fashion, and we live literally 10 minutes away from each other! We decided there was no better place than the LIVE L.A. Girls PoshParty to have our first “Blind Date”! So amazing that because of Poshmark I now have a new friend and blogging contact! :)


Manish, the founder of Poshmark was even there to party with us! Such an honor to meet the man behind this amazing company! He has a heart of gold!


Elissa brought along more friends to the party…I felt like I had 3 new bff’s instantly! Such great girls!!


Best Ever BF Award goes to…my man! Such a trooper to join all of us ladies at our fashion party!

Elissa & I

Elissa & I

What I’m Wearing: Forever 21 gold & black dress (that may end up on Poshmark sometime soon!), BCBG black pointed heels, Jessica Simpson oversized lace & leather clutch (via @elissaemoto ‘s closet on Poshmark , & diy vintage lion head necklace (lion head via Poshmark).

Would love to help  get YOU started on Poshmark too! Join the community – it’s free! If you have any questions comment below and I’d love to help! Be sure to follow me and #shopmycloset @wearinla — Thanks Poshmark team for the amazing party and for building an incredible community for fashion!

xo, Kate

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New Season, New Coat…and Haircut!

New season, new coat (and a new haircut, yes I got bangs!!). It’s official, Los Angeles is definitely feeling like fall. Our trees may still be green and there’s no snow to speak of, but it’s fall alright. With the new season upon us, (and yes I mean the holiday season too; YAY!!!) I decided it was time to buy a new winter coat. I lucked out and found this classy black wool double breasted trench/peacoat with a fashionably oversized collar at Forever 21 while on my recent adventure to discover the new and improved shop at the Santa Anita Mall. (Did you hear it’s 3x as large as the Pasadena store??? OMG!) So get this –  right as I’m about to leave I spot this beautiful coat, price tag: $27.50 YES PLEASE. I get to the counter and it rings up as $13.99, now that’s amazing! Just another reason why I love Forever21! When I wear this coat I simply feel chic.

See the rest of my outfit here…

Gold Sequined Dress via Nordstrom Rack Ontario Mills

Ontario Mills Mall recently put on a fantastic Celebrating Women Runway Event showcasing affordable fashion hitting on all the top trends for fall 2012. I had the pleasure of attending and seeing all the glorious garments strut down the runway and being apart of the “oohing” and “awing” crowd. (Promise to upload photos and review soon!) The last event I attended at Ontario Mills was the fantastic Grand Re-Opening of Nordstrom Rack. While there I picked up the cutest gold sequined one shoulder dress. When I bought it I had no idea when I’d get to wear it, but I just knew that it belonged in my closet! When I was invited to the Runway Event at Ontario Mills it was immediately apparent that there was no better time to debut my newest little party dress.

What I’m Wearing:

DIY ring, Way In dress via Nordstrom Rack Ontario Mills (similar), Forever 21 heels (similar), vintage “Great-Grandma” earrings (similar), Kate Spade bag (similar), gifted bracelet (similar) P.S. thank you to the sweetest girl I randomly met for the photos! :)

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Look Du Jour – White Pants

White jeans by Anthropologie – on sale for only $60!

On my recent visit to Anthropologie, I found these amazing relaxed fit white jeans. Not only were they on sale, but they fit this season’s trend perfectly! I realized that although white on white may not be practical for me, as mentioned in the Be the “Hot Boss” blog I wrote last week, I can still make the trend work for my lifestyle. Good news is you can too! :) After finding these babies I decided that I need to share my new love for white pants with everyone!  I really loved the style of the pants but I would have to either cuff or hem the bottoms, so in the end I decided they weren’t perfect for me. Alas, I am still in search of my perfect white pants for this season. Have you found your perfect white pants? If so, please do share! :)

Why I love white pants:

1. They instantly make you look sophisticated – clean clothes with straight lines in general make you look a cut above the rest.

2. In a world of black and blue jeans, white quietly speaks of your fashion courage to challenge the norm.

3. One of the easiest ways to work the summertime nautical trend is wearing white and blue. White pants + blue top = easy peasy summertime breezy!

Check out my new favorite white pant picks:






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