MADMEN for the Men

Get me some Draper!

I forgot to add last night that Banana Republic also has a men’s collection to go along with the MADMEN inspired women’s collection. Not only can I dress up just like Betty Draper, but I can get my wonderful and compliant boyfriend to dress up as Donald Draper! Check out some of the Men’s collection as well!

See how tailored the suits are - very 60's!

Donald Draper for SURE!

The piece that ties it all together - the Draper signature!

BR’s Mad Men Collection on SALE

Banana Republic’s amazing collection inspired by the hit TV show MAD MEN – follows the lives of New York Advertising Agents at Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Price (previously just Sterling-Cooper for seasons 1-3) and their wives. It all takes place in NYC during the 1960’s- one of the most fashionable times for this country, and quite arguably the world!

Many of my most favorite fashion inspirations come from vintage fashions! Jackie O., garden parties in the south, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and of course now, MAD MEN. I’ve been working on cultivating my Better Draper look- thinking of recruiting my boyfriend to dress up as Don Draper for Halloween this year – Hoping I am able to snag an outfit ON SALE at Banana Republic this weekend from their MAD MEN collection. Check out a couple of pieces they have on sale and my latest take on Betty Draper!



It’s New York Fashion Week!

It’s New York Fashion Week!!! :) Ahhh, now only if I wasn’t still in Los Angeles- but alas the life of a hard working girl. One day I’ll get there to NY Fashion Week – perhaps next year!? (Jeff was telling me his points on his credit card are getting pretty high and that we should be redeeming them soon! perhaps an all expenses paid trip to NYC?? lol, we’ll see!)

In the meantime, I’ve been scouring all the blogs and videos and sites physically possible to bring a bit of NY to me this week. I’ve found an amazing encyclopedia of sorts for this entire week. has some of the most detailed and extra beautiful details of all this week’s happenings. Be it the photos from all the shows, the back story of the designers, and even info about the models! (Now, personally, being the photographer who works directly with just about everyone — designers, MUAs, hairstylists, location managers, models, etc — I sometimes feel that as much as we love the models, we don’t give them enough credit and love. I feel a big connection with a lot of my models and even take photos with them right after my shoot…just a little personal thing I like to do!) :) So yes, is an amazing site, bottom line. From my scouring, I plan to bring you my most favorite looks yet as designed by up-and-coming, pre-existing, and very established designers from all over who are meeting in NYC this week. Enjoy!

Little Black Dress Love Affair

It’s true, I’m deeply madly in love with all of my little black dresses! Perhaps I’ve watched Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s so many times that elegance and ladylike glamour has been taught to me to be a black dress and pearls? Well, it’s true, I love a black dress and pearls!

To date, I have collected 12 little black dresses, all in different shapes and styles (although some are very similar!) These are my most lusted after styles for Fall 2011 :)

– to see more, always click on the photos! –

Very 60’s-‘ish’
Pearls included!! :)
Elegance and Ladylike Glamour
and the PEARLS too!