Paris Couture & Armani Prive

Armani Prive Spring 2012 Paris Couture

This last week of January was ushered in by gorgeous gowns, intricate hand beading, and layers of ruffles and lace to no and…and very much to my excitement I might add! Only the biggest and the best were shown at Paris Couture…as it should be! Designers such as Dior, Giambattista Valli, Gaultier Haute Couture, Givenchy, Chanel, Armani Prive, and Versace were showing off their most imaginative of designs for the spring Paris Couture week of fashion.

Versace 2012 Paris

I was suprised to know that Versace was showing this year; she hasn’t had a collection at Paris Couture in nearly 8 years! No matter the reasons, I was happy to see she had made her presence known and of course went all out! You can check out some of her designs from the show here:

The shows which I was most captivated with were Chanel, Armani, and Dior. Chanel is and will forever be one of my most favorite fashion houses in the world. Between the forward thinking persona she was shown with in the movie “Coco Before Chanel” and the endless use of tweed in every collection I’m a dedicated Chanel follower for life. Ps…did you know my favorite perfume is Mademoiselle by Chanel…I’ve been wearing it nearly every day for the past year now! :D

Dior put on a fantastic show this season as well….full of lady-like silhouettes and full gowns with lace, beading, and of course this season’s trending sheer sexiness! Check out the blog post I wrote for Eloquent Woman Magazine about Dior’s Paris Couture collection HERE.

Me wearing my favorite color!

Armani’s Couture collection was full of bright green fabrics that I just couldn’t help but smile at! – Side note: my favorite color is green. I have a lime green Iphone case, lime green bedroom walls, and often wear green in it’s finest of shades: guacamole. Yes, my favorite color is guacamole green! – As for Armani’s fantastic collection is was certainly made up in brighter shades of lime and chartreuse.

Besides the color of most of the collection, I was first drawn to the photos of this show by the silly little twirlly-do fascinators all the models were wearing. I thought they were just so cute…almost Who-ish (You know the Who’s in Who-ville from The Grinch!) I think the fascinators did an excellent job of tying together the collection, even though it was clearly a very well thought out design process in each piece to make the collection cohesive.

The most prominent of design elements throughout the collection included fitted jackets with the trending peplum waist and peaked shoulders, many draped skirts, and well tailored separates. The entire show was a beautiful display of the ultimate fashionista’s daily wear.


Travel Plans for 2012

It’s a new year filled with the air of adventure, inspiration, and excitement! This year my boyfriend and I are planning a couple different trips! Apparently we already have one

Valentine's Day 2011 - Santa Barbara Zoo feeding Giraffes

on the books to celebrate our 3rd anniversary in March….and I just found out about it! It’s a mystery to me as to where we’ll be going, but I’m excited to see what happens! :D Man I have a great boyfriend….he did this for Valentine’s Day last year…we went up to Santa Barbara….oh it was wonderful!

Jeff looking off our balcony to the ocean front Valentine's 2011:D


:D So….we’re thinking of going to Hawaii this year! Throughout 2011 we saw so many commercials about Hawaii, made new friends from Hawaii, and even had an old friend move to Hawaii! We decided enough of the dreaming and on with the living! – I believe that 2012 is all about ACTION! It’s time to live our dreams!!! Are you with me?! – So Hawaii is in the works for late summer.

My dearest friend and previous roommate was engaged this last November and is to be married in July….get this: in FRANCE! Her parents live in France and wanted to throw her wedding there at their 300 year old huge stone house in the south of France countryside! It’ll be so romantic! We’re not too sure if we’ll be able to make it, but we’re excited to see if we can! It’d be a great way to tour France…go to a wedding, get in with the locals – her parents – and possibly even venture over to Italy! Now Italy is one of my biggest dreams right now!! Ever since reading “Eat, Pray, Love”, I’ve been dying to see the sights, learn the language, and of course EAT!

July 21st is my 21st birthday!!! I will be celebrating my golden birthday in style while we party it up in VEGAS this year!! I’m super excited about this trip…I’ve been dreaming of it since July of this last year when I turned 20 haha! My mom will be flying in from out of state to celebrate with us…and so will a bunch of my closest friends (15+ people will most likely being joining us!!) Sooo….that’s on the books- can’t wait to style my outfits for that trip!! :)

We also want to go camping this year! We always say, “we’ll have to go camping together,” to all our friends….and then we never go! Jeff and I (that’s my awesome boyfriend!) have been on one camping trip together before…we went to Sequoia National Park in Northern California back in….um ’09. Wow that was a while ago! We want to go with Sean and Jenni, our closets friends…the beach sounds like a great place to go camping, doesn’t it? We’ve been talking about it here and there, but I really hope we get into gear and start planning it soon! Early summer would be nice for the beach…possibly down towards San Diego?

I’m excited none the less about going on vacations and little weekend, and even day trips during this year! I’m going to make a list right now of all the little or big trips I’d like to make this year….yes I just decided that right now haha!

Places to Go in 2012:

– Hawaii

– France

– Italy

– Camping on the beach (southern California)

– LA county historical library

– MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

– Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena, CA

– Huntington Library, Los Angeles

– Descanso Gardens, La Canada, CA

– Malibu beaches

– Red Carpet event…at least one!

– Vegas – for my 21st BIRTHDAY! – July 21st!

…to be continued

Illustrating Fashion Everyday

Fashion can be illustrated in a many multitude of ways – of course we always think that wearing clothes every day is how we illustrate our personal fashion sense. (and yes it may seem to be easiest for most of us!) But we often forget or even overlook the true art of fashion. Fashion as art can be found in runway shows, fashion art installments or exhibits, photographs, and even hand drawn illustrations.

"Fused - Fashion Illustration Art Print" by Leigh Viner - CLICK TO VIEW MORE.

Runway shows are always fun to go to because it means you get to dress up too! It’s all about who’s wearing what and how. Seeing new collections and being able to mingle at the after parties with the models and designers is always fun, but the shows are always over SO fast.

I recently went to my first fashion art installment. I was expecting a fashion show (classic crowd and runway scenario), but it ended up being an installment. It was actually at Versace’s storefront on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. I really enjoyed the event because the models were all standing on pedestals around the shop taking the place of the mannequins. Every 30 minutes they went back and changed one by one and then they walked back out to their posts and presented themselves. The event was actually all about shopping and donating a percentage towards a local charity.  Overall the event was actually quite refreshing. It gave me a lot more time to appreciate the clothes and really inspect the garments and enjoy their careful design and craftsmanship.

Fashion photography and drawn illustrations are some of my most favorite ways to see the blend of the art and fashion industries. It really goes to show just how close the two industries are entwined. I myself am a fashion photographer for Eloquent Woman Magazine (you can click on the side bar to see the website and our latest issue!). Photography is of course my first love when it comes to bringing fashion into art.

Meadow Adventures

Meadow Adventures

H m dress
15 –

H m blazer
30 –

H M vest
30 –

H M flared skirt
20 –

H&M slim fit pants
15 –

H M cable knit tight
6.99 –

H m
2.99 –

H&M high heels
35 –

H M ballet flat
13 –

H M leather handbag
15 –

H M leather handbag
15 –

H M metal bangle
6.99 –

H M antique ring
3.99 –

H M long necklace
3.99 –

H M suede glove
15 –

H M brim hat
13 –

H M leather belt
7.99 –

H M lace shawl
2.99 –

Confession of an Etsy Addict

Hello, my name is Kate and I’m an Etsy Addict. I joined this year in after much encouragement from my friends and family to sell my photography and feather earrings. After just one day, I was hooked. isn’t just a site to sell on like say errr Ebay.comoh no…Etsy is a whole community. When I signed up I didn’t realize it was so beautiful around every corner! :) With stylized photos, the cutest descriptions of handmade and vintage items, along with some of the most creative and kind people I’ve ever met, this site has become my home. Yes, my home- as in I live on

I can’t help myself! Two weeks ago I joined a treasury team in order to share more of my favorite items with the community…Oh boy did that get me in deep trouble! It is the request of the team to create one treasury (collection of other’s items for sale in a cute and mostly color coordinated or themed way) per week…well, today I found myself to have made FIVE in the last 24 hours. Um…hmnnnn, they just happened upon themselves? Okay….okay…..Yes, I admit again, I’m an Etsy addict! If not just an Etsy addict, I’m turning into a treasury junkie. (Yikes!)

– – –

 Okay, so in all seriousness, I am in love with and the community that has developed between the shop owners, shoppers, and administration. Never would I have been able to image such a beautiful and well organized business model that would be able to support and encourage the creativity of over 2.5 million people worldwide! I am truly blessed to be apart of such a thriving and loving group of people!

Please do check out my treasuries:

1:This is My Wish 2: Bluesy Green 3: Dream of Being French 4: Sweet Cream and Pink 5: Love Strawberry Lemonade