Fall 2012 Fashion Trend Breakdown

Every season has it’s fads, craze, trend, or style. It’s nothing new, but it’s all new once “the season” hits! And yes, it’s true that what goes around comes around – in other words, as history repeats itself, so does fashion. It becomes confusing to keep up with as our seasons change so rapidly – lucky for you I’ve broken down Fall 2012’s top trends into can-do styles for every wardrobe.

Think not of the LBD as the only classy go to this season – a berry or deep burgundy fitted dress is perfect for Fall 2012. See credits here!

Wine’d Up: Shades of deep burgundy and berry are very big this year. I do enjoy a cool glass of Chardonnay on a warm summer evening, but with the cool winds breezing by now, it’s time to start thinking deep, full Cabernet Sauvignons and Merlots. Wearing maroon pants from summer’s colored denim trend will ease you nicely into fall. Think not of the LBD as the only classy go to this season – a berry or deep burgundy fitted dress is perfect for getting fashionable in the office and then transitioning into a night on the town.

Hard Around the Edges = stud accents on everything and anything – think hardware! See credits here!

Hard Around the Edges: Military inspired coats with epaulets and stud accents on everything and anything – think hardware. Navy blazers with epaulets or studs on the pockets or shoulders are an easy way to wear this look (and it covers Hard Around the Edges, Boy Meets Girl, and In the Navy). Bold gold hardware on your handbag, shoes, and jewelry is another great way to show you’re rough and tough.

Mix it up a little by accessorizing with the babiest of pinks, mints, blues, and grey. See credits here!

Crème de la Crème: Winter whites and pastel accessories are a do this year. Don’t mind the “don’t wear white after Labor Day” rule any longer – it’s dead. It’s all about the white on white ensembles – especially that perfectly pressed powerful white pant suit! And to mix it up a little accessorize with the babiest of pinks, mints, and grey. Another great accessorize for white on white looks is to pair it with bold gold jewelry – think statement jewels and chain bracelets.

Designers are all over getting the right boyish look while flattering a woman’s figure – it’s all in the tailoring. See credits here!

Boy Meets It Girl: Menswear for women in sweet tweeds, oversized cashmere sweaters, and tailored suits look feminine for fall. You don’t have to borrow from your boyfriend’s closet (unless you want to!) because designers are experts at getting the right boyish look while flattering a woman’s figure – it’s all in the tailoring. Sweaters are a staple for fall and winter in most regions (if only it’d start to cool down faster here in LA!!) so buy one size larger for a boyfriend-ish look if you don’t happen upon your perfectly tailored piece. (JCrew covers this perfectly!) Another simple way to usher in the new season is to upgrade your bright blazer from summer to a tweed menswear inspired one and and throw it on top of your favorite jeans and tee combo or over a cute miniskirt with tights.

The best bang for your buck when it comes to wearing animal print is in your shoes and coat – shoes you will wear all year long, and a great coat will last you a lifetime! See credits here!

Rawr!: One word and I’m sure you know what I mean. Animal print – all the reptiles and jungle cats you can think of. Don’t forget the oddly uncategorized giraffe and zebra prints! Leopard print is my favorite – it’s classic and sexy all at once and can be found just about anywhere! (So much so my favorite that I created a new tumblr all about leopard print! xo, Lady Leopard) Whether you wear this fierce print as the bulk of your outfit – say a dress or leopard print pants – or if you’re only wearing bits and pieces – bangles, handbag, or scarf – remember to not over do it and mix carefully. While wearing all the leopard print and snake print pieces you own in one outfit may sound fiercely brave it’s also going to result in cooky safari mess. Try sticking to one animal per outfit unless you’re mixing among species and like colors – ie jungle cat mixing: leopard and cheetah is okay; reptile fusion: keep snake skin with snake skin and try to stay in correlating color schemes, mix and match tortoise shell with any and every outfit you own, and be kind to all of them – keep it faux. The best bang for your buck when it comes to wearing animal print is in your shoes and coat – shoes you will wear all year long,  and a great coat will last you a lifetime! See more of my favorite animal print pieces here in the boutique.

Try pairing navy with emerald green for a sophisticated color palette that’s work ready and street worthy. See credits here!

In the Navy: Designers are totally obsessed with this color right now. Wear it any way you please keeping in mind that a little fitted navy dress might be a new office staple in your wardrobe after you realize how good it feels to be wearing a bit of color and not the same corporate black sack dress. Additionally, wearing it in the form of a blazer with golden buttons gets you in the circle of In the Navy, Borrowed From the Boys, and Hard Around the Edges. Now that’s the way to make your wardrobe work for you. Try pairing navy with emerald green for a sophisticated color palette that’s work ready and street worthy. Going for girly? Pair navy with baby pink and hints of gold, the contrast will look stunning and bring a softness to the hard edges in a deep navy.

Wearing leather garments means knowing the perfect fabrics that compliment to make you a knock out. Try pairing your staple leather jacket or leather skirt with a colorful silky top to add more texture and flow to the outfit. See credits here!

Lots of Leather: Not just reserved for your badass boyfriend’s motorcycle jackets anymore! Oh no, we’re talking leather skirts, dresses, and even jumpsuits! I personally still love the classic fitted ladies version of the leather jacket and jeans duo but this year I’m kind of into the whole leather mini skirt thing. An easy way to incorporate this trend is simply to wear leather gloves – basic black or brown will do – and it’s completely functional for the cold weather ahead! Wearing leather garments means knowing the perfect fabrics that compliment to make you a knock out. Try pairing your staple leather jacket or leather skirt with a colorful silky top to add more texture and flow to the outfit. If you have the body, and the courage, to rock a leather jumpsuit, I say do it…with amazing heels!

Happy Fall my friends! Send in your photos of your fantastic fall fashion categorized as one of the Fall ’12 Trends for a chance to be featured on WearInLA.com

xo, Kate

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Fashion at Your Fingertips

As seen on the Fall 2012 runway of Badgley Mischka : Metallic french tipped nail art. Voted “Most Rebellious” beauty trend by Elle Magazine.

Or, rather on your fingertips! Fall 2012 is almost here and the trends are already filtrating in even before the season officially begins. For many it’s still blazing hot and summer’s in it’s full force across the nation. Here in LA it’s reached near record breaking temperatures, thank God it hasn’t actually broken records recently. Last year we had 113 in the middle of July and that certainly broke the record and I’m sure many an Angeleno‘s air conditioners, not to mention their spirits. I am really ready for Fall this year. Not just for the sake of a bit of rain and cooler winds, but for the luscious girly girl silhouettes, the bad ass all in black, the every growing statement jewelry, and of course layers! Beyond all garments and accessories, God has blessed women with two amazing natural accessory pieces: hair and nails. And He knows we use them!

With all my excitement for the fast approaching Fall 2012 season I’ve been scouring the collections to find my favorite designer inspirations for a soon to expand seasonal wardrobe! Whilst perusing through the endless albums of Vogue and the many coveted designer runway collections I realized I was falling in love with not only garment after garment, but also the nails on these girls. Designers this year really stepped it up when it comes to bringing in new fashion statements. Not only have they produced an entire new seasonal line for Fall but they have inspired a whole new look for nail art.

Dior‘s “mannequin manicure” nouveau neutral nails at Fall 2012 show.

Dior introduced us to the nouveau neutral, sometimes known as the “mannequin manicure” by matching the nail poilsh to nearly the same shade of the models’ skin tone. This look played out well for the line as it complimented the ballet-esque designs of the everr feminine Dior Fall ’12 show. The nails were rounded this time as well, bringing back a classic sense of feminism even in the smallest of details. Behnaz Sarafpour also ushered in this new trend by adding a bit of their own flair – nude nails with metallic tips.

Behnaz Sarafpour’s models shows off a new kind of french manicure – metallic tips.

Now when I was a kid my mother hardly ever had her nails done. She was wrangling four kids for goodness sake, cleaning, cooking, and always “crafting”, so there wasn’t much of a practical use for her to keep up appearances of her nails. I tell you though, my mother always had the strongest and softest of nails. As a very young child I remember actually sitting on her lap, her hand in mine and I would “pet” her nails they were so soft. If ever, she would coat them with a Sally’s Hard as Nails clear coat. And on a rare occasion she would have a day of pampering all to herself (God bless mothers – especially mine!) and come home with a french manicure. From this experience I have grown up favoring minimal nail color and upkeep.

That is until recently! I have always kept my nails painted a light pink and sometimes a deep maroon, but honestly I’ve never really stepped out of the rainbow much, with the exception of slightly varied shades of pink or red. I realize now the beauty, and FUN, of getting your nails done and changing things up. I have started to treat myself to a monthly mani-pedi at a great little place in Pasadena called “Dashing Diva” (promise to tell more later about this gorgeous little spot!) I have now taken a liking to deep jewel tones and very very nude pinks and grey.

Donna Karan‘s girls wore 3 trends in one here: nude nails, the new french, and with burgundy. Now there’s a sure way to get your perfect Fall nails.

Badgley Mischka, (see top photo) as voted by Elle Magazine, had the “Most Rebellious” beauty trend on their runways for Fall. They flipped the classic nude and white french manicure and brought on the deep sensual side of woman all the way down to her fingernails by switching out the girly look for a hard black and gold duo. A woman’s version of the steel toed boots for this season? I think so! Badgley Mischka was not the only designer to challenge the norm of the classic frenchie. Designers by the likes of Donna Karan, Thakoon, Bill Blass and Behnaz Sarafpour also played with aternative colors for a new kind of a french. If you’re looking to try this look, it’s slightly difficult to do yourself (left hand painting right hand is never to easy for me!) so it might be better to get some help. Good news about this style is that you’ll not only be perfectly on trend, but your nails will be given the illusion of looking longer by bringing the focus onto the tips.

Walking runway for Thakoon was simple for the girls this season. Simply look naturally beautiful with the bare minimum for nails. Nudes with a simple black tip. Now this would be the everyday girl’s easiest way to wear the trend of the new french without going overboard. I’m definitely going to try it!

Kate Spade has become a fast favorite of mine this year. What with an energetic flow of color and new prints emerging every month it’s hard to stay away! I recently made my first Kate Spade purchase as well – a hot pink credit card sleeve. It’s great for just running out without a purse. Makes it nice to have it all in one place and not have to carry my life aka my overflowing purse. Kate Spade’s runway, as always was filled with pretty preppy clothes in a variance of colors and patterns, but the signature polka dots were not only found on purses and garments this season. Polka dotted nails were one of the larger stand alone statements to be made on the runways of the Fall 2012 season.

Kate Spade Fall 2012.

So which of the runway trends are you going to try for Fall 2012? I know I’m eager to try out Thankoon’s nude with black tips for sure. Send in photos of your runway inspired mani/pedi’s for a chance to be featured on Wear In LA.

If you’re looking for more inspiration for your digits check out these top nail art blogs:

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Betsey Johnson’s Fall ’12 Collection & Cartwheel

The one and only blonde-as-can-be Betsey Johnson wowed the scene at New York Fashion Week with her incredible collection of colorful vintage inspired garments. Not that it should come as a surprise – 69 year old Betsey Johnson has long been a favorite of the fashion world, with her career spanning nearly four decades! This Fall 2012 collection featured a wide variety of eye popping pinks, reds, and oranges transformed into lots of floppy hats, 60’s-esque shift dresses, and even bold pink and black striped pant suit. The soundtrack to her show was one of the most eclectic and nostalgic of combinations widely featuring remixes of a great many Beatle’s tunes. Per tradition, the incredibly enthusiastic designer graces us with one of her bi-annual cartwheel-split duos.

Some of my favorite pieces included:

This look of the tweed pant, chic military-esque coat with lots of shiny button detail, and accessorized with red gloves translates into what I imagine would be the London girl version of the Beatles – classy yet totally edgy. I’d rock it.

If you haven’t been able to tell yet, I love wearing black – so this entire outfit can just walk it’s way into my closet; right now! This comfy looking sweater has got just the right way of fitting her without swallowing her – and the added lines of the tights create a tall look, something us short girls always enjoy! (P.S. 5’5″ is short yes/no?)

I’m incredibly in love with the combo of hot pink and bright orange! (Even more I love that I already own hot pink tights and just got a pair of 5.5″ of Jessica Simpson shoes that would go great with almost any of Betsey Johnson’s Fall collection.) With multicolored plaid and large fur cuffs and collar, this coat creates an entire outfit alone – there’s just so many ways to wear it!

The intricate beading on the bodice of this top is incredible! It compliments the leopard coat in a way that only sparkles can! This coat is one of those timeless pieces that can be worn sexy (like here!) or dropped down to a more modest tone (add simple black heels instead of boots, and a less flashy top – perhaps a scoop neck ruffled blouse). You will notice this model is wearing large earrings….I think it was Neimann Marcus, they sent me an email about the trend of the ‘statement earrings’…so large gold earrings are IN.

The ultimate Party/Prom dress of the season – sequined v-neck sleeveless top with a full bouncy tulle tutu skirt and silk bow belt. Not only that but check out those shoes! I’m forever in love with leopard print shoes – flats are practical for most, so I’m looking forward to finding out where I can get my hands on these puppies!

Metallics were a trend we saw coming in early last year (think back to Spring/Summer ’11 collections)….I’m happy to report it’s going to stay around for a while longer, at leassst one more season!!! YAY! Sticking with the tights, Betsey Johnson knows how to make a woman’s legs look great – this time in white. Pairing it with the white leather jacket and hot pink turtleneck, this look is super 70’s!

Now this is bordering on 80’s style with the hot pink pinstripe separates suit. I’m the kind of girl that adores a good tailored piece, to have this jacket structured so well that it can fit different body type while still creating it’s own shape for the outfit and even more to have it paired with the form fitted skinny pant makes me so happy! And of course the fitted cap just creates a casual yet sophisticated look.

I love this fabric…it’s hard to tell though if this outfit is a one piece jumper or if it’s separates of a top and fitted pant. Either way, I love it! The coat reminds me of this amazing fur coat I tried on at an event on Rodeo Drive at Versace…(Oh I should post those pics!!!!) P.S. have you seen those super cute peep toe pumps with the pink and red band at the toes?? I NEED those! haha!


PERFECT Cartwheel!

A-line Dress Returns in Pre-Fall 2012 Collections

Pre-season Fall 2012 shows by Jason Wu, Monique Lhuillier, Calvin Klein are showing a trend of A-line dresses with cinched waists. With the return of lady-like silhouettes and modern day style celebrities like Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama, A-line dresses are a nice way to continue the expression of women’s classic fashions. I can definitely see Kate Middleton gracing us with her vintage inspired style by wearing out Monique Lhuillier’s black and white A-line frock. The thing I love most about this dress is the unique and visually appealing neckline; it’s a beautiful mix of a dropped circular v-neckline that really adds to the structure of the dress.  And of course you can see Calvin Klein’s signature minimalist styling with a small amount of texture to keep things interesting – this one’s perfect for the hour-glass shaped woman.

2 Reasons Why I Love the A-Line Dress:

1: It fits any girls body; curves or not, you’re going to be able to pull this off because the dress itself has body built into it. The curvy girl will feel comfortable wearing this because it allows for her waist to be shown off and then have the rest of the dress flowing with enough movement and structure so that she’s not showing off more than she wants to. The thinner girls will be happy to have body built into the dress because it will make up for their lack of curves and bring on a more lady like structure to their silhouette.

2: It can be worn classically in a vintage fashion by wearing it in a great floral or geometric print to go with different style decades; or it can be accessorized with modern touches to bring it up to date and even look fashion forward rather than even semi-vintage. Jason Wu’s dress (first on the left) is paired with a great leather belt at the waist and long black gloves to make a posh updated look instead of an overly retro knockoff.

Even though it’s a far way out – give or take 9 months – Fall 2012 is shaping up to be very lovely in the way of dresses with structure that still allows for flow.