OOTD: Sunset Desert Print

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPicMonkey Collage1.jpgWhat I Wore: SUNGLASSES: Nordstrom // EARRINGS + TOP: Available in my Poshmark closet // NECKLACE: c/o LucyMint  // JEANS: Ralph Lauren c/o Marshalls // SHOES: via Poshmark

Thank you Elissa of LucyMint.com for the fantastic hammered chevron necklace, it was the perfect accessory to my native desert inspired ensemble! Always love the treasures I find in your shop! Be sure to check out LucyMint for little bits of fancy and vintage finds!

My man is so thoughtful to map out a perfect spot for a sunset photo shoot while on our spontaneous roadtrip to Sedona, AZ – We pulled off the highway right as the sun was dipping below the mountains and captured these gorgeous shots in the middle of the desert! Thank you loviebuns!

xo, Kate

*Disclaimer: Some of the items featured in this outfit were gifted, however all opinions expressed are my own. Please see my policies page for more details. Thank you!*

NEW: Statement Necklaces in my Poshmark Closet

$18 via Poshmark

$18 via Poshmark

Statement necklaces are my absolute favorite piece of jewelry because they 1. Don’t get in the way like bracelets or rings do sometimes, 2. They hold themselves up, 3. They add the perfect bit of sparkle right next to your beautiful face! It’s my firm belief that every outfit needs a little sparkle, if not a whole globbering ton! (Yes, I believe I just made up that word – but hey, you know what I mean!) Here’s my newest pretty additions to my Poshmark Closet for you to feast your sparkle hungry eyes upon!

It's true I'm obsessed with Poshmark. Believe me, when you sign up, you will too! $18 via Poshmark.

It’s true I’m obsessed with Poshmark. Believe me, when you sign up, you will too! $18 via Poshmark.

$18 via Poshmark

$18 via Poshmark

Which necklace is your favorite style? Comment below!

If you’re not already on Poshmark, get on it girl! It’s the easiest and fastest way to start making money from clothing you already have! And you can find incredible designer fashion for way less than retail! Sign up with my code “HGVVU” for a FREE $5 Shopping Credit! & Be sure to follow me! @wearinla on Poshmark.

xo, Kate

Free Girly Tech Wallpapers

pinkbgmacbookI’m a girly girl – no question about it! Not only does it shine through in my daily styling, but my tech follows suite. At any moment you can find my white Macbook to have pink keys and an uber girly background. Ditto for my white iPhone 5, complete with an ever changing case. (yea, I’m an iPhone case whore, I’ll admit it.) To share the love I’ve picked my favorite girly girl photos from Pinterest (photo credits: all go to Pinterest) and even created my own collage for you to dress your tech with! Enjoy!

girly girl pink bg copy



And for your iPhone —>



Look for more inspirational images over on my Pinterest page: Wear In LA on Pinterest

 xo, Kate

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ELLE Event at Lassio Salon with Wella Hair USA


Gorgeous side braid done by Jessica of Lassio Salon in Monrovia, CA. Photo by: Nadine Sachiko Hsu. What I’m wearing: dress – Everly / watch – Michael Kors / heels – Max Studio / manicure – Dashing Diva Salon in Essie nail polish.

I am a fashion magazine whore. Yes…I’m the girl who subscribes to all the big ones: Elle, Marie Claire, Redbook, Lucky Mag, Vogue…the list could seriously go on for days! I was honored to be invited to an Elle Magazine event just a couple weeks ago in celebration of Sassio Salon opening up in Monrovia, CA. Not only was this event in my hometown, but my favorite magazine was hosting, and my personal choice of salon products (Wella Hair USA) was sponsoring. Talk about a match made in heaven!


Absolutely loved her hot pink discs!! Photo by: Nadine Sachiko Hsu

I showed up on scene to Lassio Salon, a hip little salon just minutes from my house and the ever adorable downtown Monrovia on Myrtle Ave. The DJ was jammin’ out to some great mixes while all the girls were having their hair done. I walked in to be greeted by the nicest stylist Jessica who complimented me on my beautiful healthy hair (Woo hoo thanks Frank! Frank of Salon Panache in Upland, CA is my FAB colorist!). I had my hair braided to the side all day while I was working – it’s such an easy ‘do’ for running around with kids. Right before the event I shook out my braid to have nice full waves. Jessica decided all I needed was a cute little braid to show off the fullness of the rest of my hair.

She taught me a little trick for doing an accent side braid – take a 1 inch section of the hair closest to your face and braid it. Then taking one of the three strands, scrunch it up so the braid gets really tight. Then pin it in place against your head using bobby pins and hid the end in your hair behind your ear. Viola! Accent braid on the go! Going to this event was worth it if even only just to learn this little tip!

Oliva, Celeste , & I shoutout to Wella Hair USA with our Swag Bags! Thanks Wella!

Oliva, Celeste , & I shoutout to Wella Hair USA with our Swag Bags! Thanks Wella!

While partying it up, eating yummy treats and sweets in the outside courtyard I met up with Marissa of Elle Magazine – the amazing woman who set up the event! She was so nice to chat with and of course working for an amazing fashion magazine, she was rockin’ some trendy opaque glasses and a bold lip! Additionally I was able to meet up with two bloggers in the same who live around me! Olivia & Celeste were just the nicest girls and it’s always great to meet up with new blogger friends and gab about the industry and find ways to collaborate!

Instagram shot: Marissa of ELLE & I

Instagram shot: Marissa of ELLE & I

You should definitely check out their blogs: Olivia is an established beauty blogger who does tons of reviews and attend events. She will always tell you the honest truth about a product so you can be sure it’ll work great for your complexion. And Celeste is a blogging newbie with great fashion tips and outfit inspirations. Need to find an outfit on a budget – see her ideas! See Olivia HERE & Celeste HERE.

Wella Hair USA products

Wella Hair USA products photo by: Nadine Sachiko Hsu

Wella Hair products have been a long time favorite brand of mine. Simply for the fact that they work! Well, and they smell amazing too – seriously, if you haven’t smelled this product line I dare you to take a sniff and tell me you’re not in love!  These products work amazing with color and heat treated hair – of which I am guilty of both! Yes, I’m a natural blonde, but if you look real close every 5-6 weeks I start getting darker roots. And then there’s always that one time when I dyed my hair hot pink! Dear God, what was I thinking?! Oh trends you come and go so fast. But yummy smelling, healthy hair is always in style! Pick up some shampoo/conditioner and styling products by Wella Hair USA because they rock!

Real quick I want to thank ELLE Magazine for putting together this event & the sweet gift bags with metallic makeup bag and current issue of magazine, Wella Hair USA for sponsoring and the swag bags with the free products, Canopi for connecting me with this awesome event, and of course Lassio Salon in Monrovia, CA for hosting! It was so much fun!

xo, Kate

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We’re Engaged!

Photo by Ashley Tingley Photography

Photo by Ashley Tingley Photography

It’s true! After 4 years of dating we’re engaged and to be married in Summer of 2014. I’m sure you’re wondering just how it happened….well here’s the story: We were in Hawaii celebrating our 4th anniversary. The trip was a Christmas present from my now fiancé and we decided to use the trip as a celebration for our anniversary in late March. Little did I know he had planned the entire thing as a proposal and engagement celebration not just as a vacation to get away.

We had flown in late Monday night into the cutest little Kona, Hawaii airport I’ve ever seen. The terminals are all open air and every building looked like a tiki hut; hello tropical!  We walked off the plane onto the runway all vintage and classy like; man I love when I get to do that! A warm breeze greeted us as we acquainted ourselves with the new island climate. I have to say, there was something quite magical about arriving at night. You quite literally couldn’t tell where you were, save for the palm trees, warm air, and the sudden relaxation you feel from everyone around you. To wake up the next morning only to be greeted by sunshine, and marvelous ocean view right off your balcony but 15 feet away…oh it was a dream! And then it hits you…”We’re in Hawaii, Baby!”

Our room

Our room right on the water

Our first day on the island was Tuesday, March 26th – our actual anniversary. We were staying in Kona at the Sheraton Resort. We decided to check out the resort, pick up necessities at Target (tip: buy your own alcohol and snacks here and bring back to your room…saves you soooo much money!) and then onto our first beach explorations. Just 5 miles north of the Sheraton in Kona is a quaint little bay – Kahaluu Beach Park. The bay is known for their population of sea turtles who will swim and lounge right next to you as long as you don’t disturb them. I was very excited to be able to get right up close to them and take some photographs! Little fact not many people know about me…I’m afraid of fish. (well…I was; I eventually got over my fears on this trip!) We decided to do a bit of snorkeling in the bay after hearing stories from friends who had great luck finding many fish among the coral reef.


Keeping in mind that we’re in a beautiful place and that fish are really more scared of me than I am of them I still found myself in waist deep water crying for the fear of unknown. I don’t mean to over exaggerate but the fear of the whole wide ocean and the feeling of being near clueless as to what is just beyond a couple feet of me really got to me and I couldn’t help but fall into them. A horribly failed attempt to overcome my fear caused a panic in which I not only ended up kicking a sharp lava rock while trying to find my footing but also to step straight onto a sea urchin. Gah! I gouged my foot pretty good (seriously it’s still healing!) and had to pluck out a bit of purple sea urchin that stayed around. In Jeff’s attempt to rescue me (ah my knight in shining armor, er plaid board shorts!) he also did come fancy footwork with the lava rocks and the plenty of sea urchins that scattered the reef. Ouch!

IMG_9978Being the perfect sweet man he is, he picked me up and carried me the 20 feet back into shore and sat me on a rock. Just like that I was saved! The day went on to be a beautiful time at the beach. He snorkeled, unafraid, while I tending to my bleeding foot and sunbathed. My foot seriously didn’t stop bleeding for 45 minutes, with pressure and everything! Once back to the hotel, we headed to our couple massage. An hour and a half of hot tub and Lomi Lomi massage on an open air balcony overlooking the ocean has got to be the most relaxing time in my life! We both fell asleep during our massages (Jeff even snored!). After a refreshing session in the sauna we rushed off to Target to buy a mask and snorkel that would actually fit my face.

We had made plans to have a nice dinner for our anniversary in one of the restaurants at the resort. Earlier in the day, Jeff had called the front desk and “asked for suggestions” when really he was just checking on our special reservations he had planned without me knowing. The concierge had asked us to meet him in the lobby and he would escort us to dinner. I thought that was quite fancy of them and wondered what kind of a restaurant we were going to. We were running late to dinner, so when we got back from Target, Jeff offered to run up and drop off our bags while I waited in the lobby. This is when he sneakily grabbed the ring! He arrived back down and we were escorted through the main lobby, down the stairs and through the pool area and onto the lawn right on the beach.

Our view

Our view


Jeff had arranged for a “Dinner Under the Stars” experience complete with private table for two looking out over the sunset into the ocean lit only by candles and tiki torches! I was amazed at how beautiful it all was! Sheraton Kona Resort was so kind to even print up the hand picked menu Jeff had set up for us and they said “Happy Anniversary Jeff & Kate” on the top! Talk about personalization! Jeff picked my favorite dinner – a tossed baby green salad with pears in a vinaigrette sauce for our starter, a locally grown, grass-fed filet minot cooked perfectly medium paired with a filet of fish with veggies and roasted potatoes! And a delicious molten chocolate cake with cherry sauce inside for dessert with a side of rich vanilla ice cream! We had a few mai-tai’s and enjoyed a wonderful bottle of Californian red wine with our meal, per Jeff’s picking. He’s so great at picking out food and drinks that he just knows I’ll love! He really does know my taste!!


IMG_9979We enjoyed the open air and music that drifted from the bar off to the other side of the resort and most of all enjoyed the marvelous view! It was between our dinner and dessert courses that we decided to exchange cards with each other in celebration of being together for 4 years. I decided to go first and read Jeff the card that I had written to him. We don’t normally read it out loud to each other, but the night just felt extra romantic so I went with it. As I read him the sweet words of my love I have to admit, I did tear up a bit…but all in happiness. Then he decided to read his card to me. I listened closely as he read to me a beautiful poem he had written just for this occasion. I hugged him and told him I loved him and then asked to see the card so I could see what it was like on the inside. Just as I had opened the card my eyes flicked to the bottom where the last line of the poem said “Katelyn, will you marry me?”

As soon as it registered that THIS was happening, I suddenly closed the card and looked over at him to see he was already down on one knee and had an open box with a ring in his hand. He told me he loved me with all his heart and asked me to marry him. I said yes. Okay, that’s an understatement. Haha! I practically screamed it and then threw myself into a hug with him and said “Yes, yes, yes!” He laughed and held me tight then said, “But you didn’t even look at the ring!” I replied without thinking,  “It’s you I’m marrying, not the ring.” He held me tighter and then said “Well, let’s make it official!”

"Will you marry me?"

“Will you marry me?”

I looked down at the ring and was in awe! The way it glimmered in the firelight of the tiki torches above us was so brilliant! It was everything I had ever wanted in an engagement ring and SOOOO much more! He had spent the better part of 2 years searching for “the perfect ring” when he decided to give up the search and so he custom designed the whole thing! Round cut center stone with top halo set in white gold was all I really knew I wanted in an engagement ring. Well, let me tell you – this man decided that wasn’t enough! He added a custom vintage edging to the whole thing, channeled in another halo of diamonds underneath the center stone, as well as the front, back, and sides of the band. There were so many diamonds I didn’t know what to think! I actually tried counting on multiple occasions and each time the number was literally over 100! I have affectionately named it my “mini Eiffel Tower”. My goodness am I blown away by his immense love!

first photo of the ring on my hand

first photo of the ring on my hand

Dear God, you have sent me the most amazing man I could have ever asked for. Thank you for giving me the promise of true love and delivering it through this most handsome and kind man! I am so excited to have been given the gift of your love through him – I promise to love him with all my might for all my life! Jeffrey, you’re incredible and I love you! xoxo


right before he popped the question!

xo, Kate


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