Pretty Little Inspirations

Feeling inspired while checking out my Pintrest boards…thought I’d share some ‘pretty little things’ with you from some of my favorite Pinners! Don’t forget to check out my boards and FOLLOW! :)

My inspiration today is: Simple, Cream-colored, & Floral.

the ever beautiful Lauren Remington Platt

love this chic modern approach to interior decorating

beautiful abstract photography - just pretty

I have got to pick up some cute fabrics like these! :D

gorgeous and so soft!

Lately, I've been super inspired by simple illustrations mostly!

So European - fresh, sweet, and spring-like. I can just smell the flowers looking at this!

What a beautiful wedding weddings always get me excited! Something simple, elegant, and quaint will do just fine.

Addicted to of these days I'm going to adopt a little guy like this and love him forever <3

What kind of inspiration are you gathering for Spring 2012?

xo Kate

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