How to Wear Sequins During The Day

4Adding sequins to a piece you’re wearing is the perfect way to up your glam game. If you’re doing a daytime look, though, adding sequins or sporting sequined pieces may seem a little too much just because it’s not usually done but don’t let that get you down. If you want to wear sequins during the day, don’t let anyone or anything tell you otherwise, not even these so-called ‘fashion rules’ – they’re meant to be broken every once in a while anyway so why not start now? Here are some tips on how to wear sequins during the day:

1. Accessorize with sequins – let’s start off with a low-key way to sport sequins: accessories. Wearing sequined accessories like purses, belts and shoes will give your outfit that nice yet subtle pop of glam that’s eye-catching enough but not too overpowering. To make sure you don’t go overboard with your whole look. Balance out the bling by wearing simple and neutral classics like shirts and jeans.

12. Something optional – another safe way to wear sequins during the day is to wear it on something optional and removable like a jacket, a blazer or a cardigan. This allows you to wear it whenever you want and can. Doing it this way allows you to take off the sequined piece in case a part of your day (like meetings) calls for a less ‘glamorous and fabulous’ look and more of a simple one.

3. Black sequins – I think that black sequins are the least festive of the bunch so if you’re doing a daytime look and you want a more casual outfit, you can opt to wear black sequins instead. Wear your black sequins with a colorful non-sequined top to give it a nice and refreshing summer-y feel. If you’re doing this in the fall/winter, try wearing black sequined items with dark pieces to get a sexy, vampy kind of look.

34. With denim – can’t quite work out how your sequined piece can fit in with your casual everyday look? How about wearing it with denim? We all know denim is the ultimate casual wear item and anything paired with denim instantly gets a more relaxed and laid back vibe.



Hope you’ve enjoyed these fashion tips! How do you wear sequins during the day?

xo, Kate

OOTD: Not So Neutral

@wearinla wearing @lamixx tee & shorts {} | @tovicorrie bag {} |@marshalls #statementnecklace #fabfound $50 vs $100 |@zerouv sunglasses | @zara heels via @poshmark #poshstyle




What I’m Wearing: TOP & SHORTS: c/o LAMixx | BAG: c/o Tovicorrie | NECKLACE: c/o Marshalls | SUNGLASSES: c/o ZeroUV | HEELS: Zara via Poshmark | LIPSTICK: Chanel {shade: Melodious}

Living in LA allows me to have access to some of the most amazing brands and independent designers, much like LAMixx! Jacqueline, the designer behind this trendy California brand was so kind to gift this outfit from her summer ’14 collection – thank you love! I have to tell you guys, her line is one of the most luxurious (and ridiculously comfortable!) everyday lines I’ve ever worn! I believe it was Chanel who first showed the world that a soft jersey fabric can be absolutely fashionable, and Jacqueline has certainly followed in her footsteps styling this fabric in such chic styles for the everyday girl.

If you’ve been following my blog for long, or even just a couple weeks you’ll notice that I’m no stranger to color, but I also pride myself on being able to balance outfit in shape and coloring just right. With this outfit from LA Mixx I knew that I needed to throw in a punch of color, and I couldn’t help myself when I found this incredible leather clutch from Tovicorrie! I’ve been on a bit of a pineapple kick lately and this little pouch was just the kind of style inspiration I’ve been craving! Mixed tropical flowers and fruits, (oh my I’m quite hungry for a vacation just saying that phrase!) make this neutral outfit just pop! Of course my statement necklace was the perfect accessory to pull some color from this adorable bag! Thank you so much Tovicorrie for this incredible addition to my wardrobe – it fulfills my fruiting cravings just right!

If you too are looking for some casual everyday wear that makes your feel amazing, check out LAMixx for some locally designed threads! Additionally, Tovicorrie is one of the most talented leatherworkers I’ve had the chance to feature on the blog – You should definitely have a looksies at all their fantastic designs!

xo, Kate

*Disclaimer: Some of the items featured in this outfit were gifted, however all opinions expressed are my own. Please see my policies page for more details. Thank you!*

OOTD: Little Girl Blue in Bows






What I’m Wearing: TOP: c/o JackiesFashionShop | SUNGLASSES: Armani c/o Marshalls | EARRINGS: via Brighton | NECKLACE: available in my Poshmark Closet | PURSE: Perlina c/o Marshalls | WATCH: Michael Kors | JEANS: Ralph Lauren c/o Marshalls | PHONE CASE: c/o ChicagosOwn | NAILS: Essie {Shade: Bottle Service}

If you’ve been following along my style journey via Instagram then you would probably notice that I’ve decided to really follow my heart when it comes to what styles I’ll be wearing on my blog from now on. It’s all too easy, as a blogger, to follow the trends and wear what’s popular just to get the traffic. {While I’m openly sharing my heart here, I must also say that I do enjoy trying out different looks that aren’t my ‘go-to’ style, as anyone should feel free too.}

 With that said, I want to give my readers an idea of what you have to look forward to on my blog: pink, lots of pink; mixed prints, florals for days, the classics, sparkles, bows, sequins, and anything to do with kitties or unicorns…and of course donuts! I can’t believe it’s only taken 3+ years of blogging to finally figure out that I’m a preppy girl who likes to dabble in the trends but will always fall back on the classics! Let the festivities commence!  I’m so excited to have you all along for the ride!

To get your very own bow top you for only $15, you can find it in JackiesFashionShop. I’m so excited to share ChicagosOwn with you. When you go into Tara’s shop, you can find so many adorable designs to clothe your phone – seriously something to go with every outfit! I hope you’ll fall in love with her designs as much as I have! Thank you both for the gifts!

xo, Kate

*Disclaimer: Some of the items featured in this outfit were gifted, however all opinions expressed are my own. Please see my policies page for more details. Thank you!*

OOTD: Le Chic Tee







What I Wore: SUNGLASSES: c/o Kristin Perry | EARRINGS: Kate Spade {here} | NECKLACE: c/o 9th&Elm | TOP: c/o Chic Little Thrills | SKIRT: via Deelux Claremont, CA | BAG: Forever 21 via Poshmark | WATCH: Michael Kors | SHOES: Target via Poshmark

One of my summertime go-to outfits has been pairing a graphic tee with a flirty little skirt and then accessorizing it up! Grabbing a tee and skater skirt is seriously one of the easiest way to get dressed in the morning. Whether I pick a solid skirt or decide to mix prints (seriously leopard print and floral are some of my favorite right now!), I know that I can’t go wrong with this combo!

Accessorizing this look is key since a tee and plain skirt can end up looking blah if you don’t polish it up with some sparkling jewelry or embellished sunglasses. Check out these fun sunnies the ever gorgeous Kristin Perry brand gifted me! Whenever I throw these on they take my ensmbles from ‘so-so’ to ‘soooo cute!’ You can never go wrong with a little floral in the mix, ladies!

You can pick up your own ‘Le Chic’ tee HERE & some gorgeous Kristin Perry accessories over HERE!

xo, Kate

*Disclaimer: Some of the items featured in this outfit were gifted, however all opinions expressed are my own. Please see my policies page for more details. Thank you!*

OOTD: I’m Blogging This

IMG_7535 IMG_7543 IMG_7555

What I’m Wearing: TOP: c/o Shop Zoetic | SWIMSUIT: via Old Navy | SUNGLASSES: via Pac Sun

  This crop top kind of sums up my entire life – hey it’s my job! ‘I’m Blogging This’ crop top was a gift from the fabulous and oh so girly company Shop Zoetic. One of my favorite parts about their brand, besides their adorable styling, is that they are huge advocates for sharing kindness with strangers to make this world a better place. Inside each of their packages comes a couple of kindness cards with sweet sayings of inspiration and encouragement on each of them. You’re encouraged to leave them somewhere a stranger might find them, or give them to a friend to pass on the kindness. I surprised my fiancé by slipping one of these into his lunch I made the night before. Come noontime, I got a call from him with a heart full of joy over the little special note I was able to share with him – how fun that  Zoetic was able to make that moment of sweetness happen for us! Thank you loves!

To check out their full shop and get yourself some goodies to spread kindness worldwide, visit their Etsy shop >> HERE <<

Don’t forget their Facebook  & Instagram accounts too for special deals and styling inspiration!

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 7.47.52 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 7.48.56 PM

xo, Kate

*Disclaimer: Some of the items featured in this outfit were gifted, however all opinions expressed are my own. Please see my policies page for more details. Thank you!*